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I do wish that people would realise that everyone's experience is different. Please do not state that it's no big deal just because your experience was ok. It is a big deal for many. The procedure was horrendous at first because of the injections. Once I was numbed, it was not really painful only scary. I plugged in my iPod and tried to relax. I'm on day 4 after having a gum graft. I have followed the aftercare instructions to the letter but I'm in excruciating pain with massive swelling. I was icing religiously for the first 48 hours! My painkillers are not really working. If you have to have it done, it's just one of those things; just be optimistic and hopefully you'll be one if the lucky ones!!!


Hi Chenila! I'm sorry to hear for you to hear that. I recognize the feeling of people not realizing that their experiences are different than mine. The best thing you can do in these situations: don't talk. don't tell people without empathy what's going on. It is just not worth. choose the right people to tell about your experiences. it took me a while to learn it but I did. Second thing about the painkillers, I don't know what you are taking, but can't you ask your doctor to give you something else? or ask him if you can increase the dose? Also sensibility to pain is different from one person to other and normally doctors are aware of it. Good luck, I wish that you get better soon!