Hi all,

My husband is recovering from spine surgery which he had on 7/10/07. He had a fusion surgery of C1 to C2 to his skull. The surgery was the result of a surfing accident in July 06 when he broke his C1 in three places. All doctors thought that his vertebrae would heal - it didn't...hence the surgery. He has eight screws, 2 rods and a plate in his skull.

Can anyone speak to how long the headaches persist? They start daily at 3:00 p.m and he still needs pain meds regulalry. He has returned to work, does Accupuncture 2x/week and works out with a physical therapist. He has greatly improved and is hopeful for a full recovery. He is discouraged by the pain and continued fatigue. It is especially frustrating as his pain has been fairly constant for almost 15 months.

If anyone has successfully treated the headaches, please let me know. All the best to all of you and your recovery.