Has anyone out there had their whole neck fused (C1-C6)?  I have been having trouble deciding on having the surgery, and now am finally ready.  I am interested in hearing stories about this and recovery time, problems, positive feedback, etc.  I have heard you have to wear a neck brace for a while, is this true?  My neck really needs to be done as I am losing the use of my arms.  This has been an ongoing problem since a car accident in the mid-90's, I was rear-ended by someone going 65mph on the feeder road, as I was in the middle of a right hand turn.  It was horrible.  I would have rather lost my spleen and be done with it, rather that having chronic pain for years.  I am finally disabled, also.

So, if you have something to say or information that would help me I would really appreciate it.  I am going to my pain mgmt. doctor to have a new mri scheduled.  I have already seen the surgeon a year ago, and he said immediately I have to have this surgery or will end up probably paralyzed.  So hopefully they can schedule the MRI quickly, then I will go see the surgeon again.

Also, I have been told I have to have some vertebrae in my lower back fused.  I also have an extra vertebrae that I was born with (really not that uncommon I've been told).  Can I have both surgeries at once or will this turn out to be a two year ordeal surrounded by hospitals, doctors and nurses?  I am also a caregiver to my 92 yr. old former father in law so it really doesn't fit in well with what I do, so we will probably hire some kind of health professional to help us both out during the surgeries and my recovery.

Thank you.