I will be having a Lumbar spine fusion lower back surgery with rods and screws put in on the 15th of Dec. A few years ago, I had 3 low back surgeries of the L4, L5, & S1 areas. For those, the doctor went in to release pressure off nerves caused by my spinal canal and disks.They were extremely different from the surgery that's coming up in December due to how much more invasive it is. The doctors are 1st going in through my abdomen to take all 3 disks out. Then flipping over to go through my back to put in 3 synthetic disks & rods and screws for stability.I'm so unbelievably nervous and I dont know why? Ive had 14 surgeries in my young 37yrs on this planet...Im never nervous about surgeries!!! So, here's my questions: Who's had a surgery performed on them OR performed it on someone? How'd you overcome nervous feelings? What's to be expected after surgery is completed? Any suggestions regarding family help, nursing care, or caring for oneself? What should I absolutely NOT do so I don't injure myself during the healing process? Any & all suggestions would me appreciated. Thanks a bunch.Christina.