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Anyone had a fusion on c1 and c2 before? what should i expect based on your experience? I broke my neck in 2/2012 and lived with a halo brace for 3 months trying to avoid we know it has refractured and must be surgically fixed with screws and rod and cadaver bone. Looking for some good info and ways to make healing process go fast!



I had C1/C2 fusion in 2007. I was one night in hospital. Surgery took almost 7 hrs, was only suppose to be 4hrs or so. Ventilator was not working. The most pain I had was from the removal of the bone in my hip. I was on percovet and valume for a month then went on non narcotic pain and muscle relaxers. You will find out that you may be sensitive to weather changes. When it is warm and turns cold, I feel like my neck is freezing. I use a lot of heating pad on it. You may have headaches in the future from it, but they go away...large scar.