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Just curious, I know somebody who is currently taking alesse for birth control. And one week ago Sunday, the start of a new pack she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend, She also thinks she lost a pill on the following Tuesday and she hasn't missed another pill. She has been on the pill for around 2 years and is a little worried because she has had some brown spotting yesterday and today and some cramping and thinks she may be pregnant. Is it likely she is pregnant? Or is she getting herself worked up over nothing?

Sunday May 2nd - Start of a new pack, unprotected sex
Monday May 2rd - Started taking neproxin as an anti-inflammatory
Tuesday May 4th - Thinks she lost a pill
Monday May 10th - Brown Spotting
Tuesday May 11th - Brown Spotting and cramps

Now Is it likely conception has occurred? or is there likely another reason for the spotting as the first thing to come to mind was implantation bleeding?

Thanks for any help!!


Does the pill /packet also control her periods - regulate when she gets them? If so, missing one could make her period start, or act as if it's going to (the cramping). The brown spotting can possibly indicate pregnancy, but it can also just be the body getting rid of old blood - Either way, she needs to take a test to be sure before continuing the pill