All right, so. I have been on the pill for 2 and a half weeks, (so its been exactly two and a half weeks since my last period, as it ended on a Saturday, and thus I began the pill course the Sunday after), and have been engaging in PROTECTED sex with my boyfriend (ala condom/pill combination). However, we have a tendency to fool around, and will often just go at it without the condom for ten minutes tops. Fortunately, (and I say this in regards to the PREGNANCY risk), he's been having a difficult time when it comes to his orgasm, so withdrawal is completely fine for him - directly after, he will put the condom on, and we'll finish. The earliest incident of this was only about two days ago - the incident before this, I took Plan B as a precaution, and I am reluctant to take it again due to the side effects and the further push back of my period...however, if my risk is assessed at moderate to high, I'll take it regardless (because um, the alternative, ie Pregnancy, is not the desired one.)

I have honestly combed the internet, and will be discussing it with my doctor today about my risk of pregnancy, however I'd like to hear anyone else's take on this. I realise the risk involved with pre-ejaculate, but I'm wondering if my individual circumstances will raise said risk.

So, to summarize: On the pill, no condom, no ejaculate. Risk?