After taking ciprofloxacin hcl for a bladder infection on 3/1, 3/2, and 3/3 I had I had unprotected sex on 3/3. I then took Plan B on 3/4 even though there was no finishing inside of me. On 3/9 I had the first day of my period and started taking ortho tri cyclene lo - which claims to be immediately effective when taken on the first day. About 12 days later on 3/20 my partner and I did not use a condom and he finished inside of me - myself believing that ortho tricyclene lo was 99.5% effective - leaving me with a 0.5% of pregnancy - not knowing that only means that out of 100 women about 1 will become pregnant within a year despite perfect use. I found this terrifying statistic out and on 3/22 I took Plan B yet again out of fear.

I am now freaking out about the chances of pregnancy due to the ciprofloxacin canceling the first Plan B round; the Plan B interacting poorly with starting ortho tricyclene lo; having unprotected sex while on my 12th pill and therefore in the middle of my cycle - at my most "fertile"; and lowering the effectiveness of Plan B by having taken it twice in one month. I am due for my period within a week and a half and am feeling a little queasy and bloated. This might just be due to stressing about it, but I'm not sure.

I am continuing to take Ortho lo - but will ALWAYS be using a condom moving forward if I am lucky enough to escape pregnancy this go-round.

Does anyone know anything about any of the above? Or could anyone offer any advice?