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there are ill-defined densities in the right upper lung field.

The trachea is deviated to the left due to positional obliquity.

The cardiac silhouette is not transversely enlarged.

both costophrenic sulci are sharply outlined.

the diaphragm is low lying.

the rightward curvature of the thoracic spine could be due to positional obliquity..


suggested me to undergo apicolordotic view.. i dont understand the statements above.. please answer me


Hi Hush,

There are some "spots" visible in your right upper lung.  It's often a sign of TB or scarring from a past exposure.

Your trachea isn't straight, it's shifted to the left, likely from how you were positioned.  Your heart does NOT appear to be enlarged.

The costophrenic sulci(us) is the recess between the ribs and the diaphragm is visible.  Your diaphragm is lower than normal, this can indicate that you are having trouble breathing - using your abdominal muscles more or coughing frequently.

Your spine appears to curve to the right, likely from how you were positioned (same as trachea).

The apicolordotic view is basically an image taken from another angle to better focus on the tops (apices) of your lungs.

Follow up with your doctor.  Good luck.