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I was recently diagnosed with chlamydia and was surprised because I am so careful/selective, have ALWAYS used a condom and have only had sex a couple of times before I met my first and current boyfriend (who I now have unprotected sex with because I'm on birth control). My Pap smear the previous year tested negative, so I assumed I got chlamydia from my bf, who has had A LOT of partners before me! Turns out he tested negative, making him think I cheated on him, which I absolutely NEVER did. The odd thing is we've been having unprotected sex for seven (7) months... If it was from me from perhaps oral contact with someone a long time ago (definitely pre-fb), how come he hasn't contracted it??? We agreed to trust each other, and that maybe he got a false negative or I got a false positive, but it still really annoys me and I think about it often. Has anyone had the same experience or have any advice??


The same thing happened to me!  I tested positive for chlamydia and trichomonas. I've been with my boyfriend for 1.5 years. I tested negative for chlamydia and trichomonas six months ago.  My doctor made me think my boyfriend had cheated because the doctor said there is no chance that these STDs can be dormant and I would have contracted it from him and tested positive previously.  I did not trust the test result and got tested again before I took the azithromycin.  And my second test result came back negative for both chlamydia and trichomonas! My boyfriend tested negative, too.  It seems likely to me that it was a false positive.