I'm 20 and I've always been underweight. In highschool I was 123 or so. In the past couple of months or so I've dropped from 113 to 91. I think that's extreme. Along with the weight loss I've developed chronic nosebleeds where I bleed excessive amounts to the point of unconciousness. The nosebleeds usually happen once or twice a week and sometimes more. They persist for about 30 minutes each, stop, an hour later start back up, 30 mins, stop, etc... I've had an increase in frequency of urination and stool. I love food...love love love it. I try to eat and one or two bites make me feel like I've eaten a cow. the bleeding and weightloss scare me the most. I've even tried marijuana to make me hungry and it works, but I still don't eat as much as a normal person. One point of importance is that I just got put on Pexeva for depression and Lithium as a stabilizer. I don't think they have anything to do with it because I had these sypmtoms before I went to the doctor for my bipolar. I'm tired all the time lately, but that could be from the lithium. They have me on 300mg in the morning of lithium, and 600mg lithium w/ 40mg of Pexeva. If somebody has a clue please tell me! My funds are low at the moment so I can't go to my doctor until payday in two weeks. I really appreciate thoes who take the time to read this and get back to me.

Thank you,