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im a 55 year old male. Around three weeks ago i had a horrible fever when my tempeture reachd about 102. i started geting exxcessive night sweating. So much to the point when i woke up the bed sheets were soaked. i felt fatigue and weekness. THese symptoms lastd about 5 days. the fever went away but the weekness continued. i then found out i lost 15 pounds in about a 5 week period unintentionally. i have a loss of appetite and the night sweats have continued and a new symptom is lack of sleep. Also, i have had stress during this time because of work. i went to the doctor and got blood work which said everything was fine. they found a ( count of 18 ) count of hepititus C anitbotie but no hepitius C. My RNA test of 2007 shows a count of under ten hepititus C anitbotie and no hepititus C. The doctors dont know what is causing this we are waiting on result.


my husband took a long time to find out what was wrong. started with a flu like symptoms, dr gave some meds, was still ill after a week went back and was given an antibiotic, felt better for about 12 or 15 days and was sick again. thought it was some type of flu, then feared worse, after 5 months of dr apts and antibiotics they found rocky mountain spotted  fever from tick bite

symptoms were


fatigue / weakness

stomach felt up set

then head started to ache

then felt cold and started to shake

night sweats ( bad)

could not eat

memory lost (could not recall as well)

his spots on lasted 6 hr on his lower legs


lost 30 lbs down to 159 lbs

this was off and on some days he felt fine

but the night sweats got worse

finely got him to let me take his temp and found he did have a fever 

even though he said he didn't


was sent to an ID Dr.

takes a special blood test  2 draws 1 hr apart to compare the antibodies

it has been sometime ago he still has some symptoms, took 5 months to

find out he had it even though he told dr he had tick bite, his bite healed to well

your dr could just give you 14 days of doxycycline it is the only on that works from what i have read