Me and my girlfriend were having sex a week ago.
We're still pretty young, but I was very antsy about everything being very safe.

I used a condom like I should have, and I had peed that day a few times before hand.

When we had were having sex, it was only about 5 minutes, and I checked to see if I had my condom on, I went in her, then pulled out and it was off.

She was wearing panties, so my initial guess is that it just slipped off when I pulled out because I would have felt my foreskin get pulled back a little if I went back in without it on, plus I was checking to see if it was on every time I pulled out more than a tiny bit.

my question is though, would it be possible for her to become pregnant if I had a teeny, tiny drop just barely visible of precum right on the end of my penis?

She had just finished her period 2 days ago and now a week later she hasn't felt anything at all, no cramps, no sore breasts, no emissions, nothing irregular, just a headache that was persisting for a week before we even had sex.

Any advice?

I'm also considering using an after pill because I read somewhere it can abort a pregnancy if used before 9 weeks of sexual intercourse