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Alright, im 17, & my girlfriend is 16. It was her first time but not mine, she wanted to have intercourse cause me and her were extremley turned on. So the first time i inserted my penis and stroked 2 times and pulled it out because i felt the little sensation before i ejaculated and ejaculated on her stomach. I wiped it of with a towel then a tissue. I wiped my penis of dry. After i id say 5-10 mins we were at it again. I checked to make sure i had pre ejaculation fluid cause ive seen it before when "fool around". Anyway, we were doing it for i want to say 10 mins and then we stopped, i didnt ejaculate in her the second time but when i pulled out to check my penis, the tip was sticky a lil but not slimy. What is the risk of my girlfriend getting prego?!?!? Her period ended March 18th and we had sex March 20th just two days before she became fertile & today March 27 she starts ovulation. HELP ME PLEASE!!!


Even the tiniest drop contains sperm enough to make your GF pregnant. You have no idea once the penis goes inside if a tiny drop leaked because you can't see it.  I did the same thing as you did and she was pregnant. Don't abort but love your girl and take the responsibility.