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Hi people. Well I'm 16 and so is my gf. One night we had sex with out a condom and I used the pull out method. Now I did jack off earlier but I peed like 7 times that day and after that we had sex. And right when I felt like I was gunna nut I pulled out and waited a few seconds and nutted all over her upper back. But I'm kinda worried because we've had sex like this for like 4 days but I've been drinking a lot of water and peeing lately so can she still be pregnant?


She could still possibly be pregnant as pre cum contains sperm cells. If you're worried, talk to her. Im also your age, but i've never been fond of the pull out method, im terrified of getting pregnant!

I don't think Peeing would effect your rate of pre cum or actual ability to make her pregnant, but the pull out method is VERY risky. If you wish to continue your sexual relationship, try a coindom, it's a 95% safety promise!