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I have been having constant headaches for a while now. I have been to see a neurologist who did some tests and an MR scan. The scan showed a pineal cyst at 8-9mm. the doctor says that this is not the cause of my headaches. She seems to think it is migrane and perscribed anti depressants and beta blockers as well as a migrane tablet for when the headaches get too much. However, the headache never goes away. It is constantly niggling at my left side and the back of my left eye. I take ibuprofen, but it worries me that I take it daily and still it doesn't take the pain away. Does any one have any advise? thanks-Angie.


Request Topamax. I have these headaches too and I was on Topamax and it worked awesome!! It was first made to be a ceizure(sp?) prevention medicine, but it has been found to get rid of headaches. The only reason I got off of it was my mg amount was getting to high and I'm the type of person who does not want her every day routine to be get up, wash your face, take your pills--I couldn't live llike that.

Anway, if you can get them, you should.