I'm so anxious and bothered right now.

i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time right after my menstruation, that was december 30, the first day of my menstruation was december 26. i took a pill the next day and continued taking it for 9 days. 3 days after i stopped taking the pills, i bleed like menstruation, it was just like 13 days after my last menstruation, was that normal? or i really have to be bothered?

as early as my menstruation ceased, which was after 2 days, i had sex again. the next day i took a pill again. after this last sex, i saw yellow discharge on my underwear, im just not certain when but it was maybe days after my last sex. im really new to all of these, was it all normal? am i pregnant? did i get infections or what?

please help