Need help I been in birthcontrol pills for a year now.. Avaine For 6-7 months, had sex For first time on November 26,2012 Took birth control pill after sex around 3:30pm He said he didn't cummed, then took Next Choice Emergency pill, bleed for 3-4 days,stopped then December 4 had small spotting n cramping while still taking birthcontrol pill,then rest days was normal, Dec 8th had sex again unprotected didn't cumm in me while on the pill.THEN December 11th Tuesday I started period.December 16 started again taking active pill Avaine wasn't sure if it was a normal period so on DEc 18th took Pregnancy test at clinic and came out negative. December 22nd had sex third time unprotected this was only day my bf cummed but out of me on my body and bleed a little till 23, December 29 cramping, December 30-jan3 brown discharge little amount of blood till jan4-5 bleeding while on pill, still bleeding and not on pill till January 13,2013..Anyone help me? Haven't felt sick.. Only a runny stuffy nose took once tyneloe cold med for night for two days..still stuffy nose.. Do you think I might be pregnant?