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So. .. this may be a long one, & i apologize in advance for the novel. . .. but here goes. . ..

the last 2 months in between periods i've been experiencing light brown spotting. .. this month's has lasted more than a day. .. i get my period every 4 to 4 & a half weeks that last 5 to 6 days (the last one was very short; 3 MAYBE 4 days) there is always bright red bleeding, which then turns to brick red, then brown (i've noticed my last 1 started off with the same brown spotting, & ended with alot of brown as well)
I haven't been sexually active since july, but i did take the morning-after pill which caused my period (heavy brown, red, much more pain than normal) to arrive on july 6th. .. . i'm now worried the pill didn't do it's job & i'm already 3 or 4 months pregnant. . ..
At the same time, i didn't notice anything unusual with my cycle until october. .. where i had been under extreme stress (still am). September an ex boyfriend told me after 10 months of knowing, he had contracted an std from me, & harrased me to the point where i brought legal authority into the situation. That was taken care of but i was still incredibly nervous about what i may have contracted. .. tests came back negative.
While waiting for my results i was also waiting for my period. .. 2 weeks before it came my breast felt somewhat sore & there was a light brown discharge for a day. .. . the same for this month.
I saw my doctor again 2 weeks ago about left side pelvic pain & back pain.. . . she said it was probably due to the stress. but i continued to tell her about my discharge symptoms & she immediately asked if i was pregnant. . .. everything felt fine according to her, my uterus being a nice size, i also mentioned the absence since july & she didn't see pregnancy as a concern.
Anyway, urine tests were scheduled for bladder infection & pregnancy. .. they should come in this week.. . . i also took 2 pregnancy tests before my last period & 2 after. . all negative, all on different days & times, but i'm aware stress levels are capable of masking signs of pregnancy. ..
I'm hoping all this is from stress. .. & i don't know what to make of it. .. or whether the discharge could be due to a herpes infection (only 1 not tested for because there weren't any sores). I'm very confused, & would greatly, GREATLY appreciate any insight.
Thank you


I had my last period April 2nd-6th ; had unprotected sex on the 13th(my husband didn't manage to pull out this time). I just started my period April 26th. Is there a possibility of pregnancy? or Would I have to wait to see if my next cycle comes, to know?
Also I am 26 and I do have one child who is about to be 1 in June.