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I was told by the eye doctor this week that I have a rare fast growing cataract in both eyes. He told me that it can be caused by taking steroids, but I haven't taken them or breast cancer. Just interested in knowing if I should schedule an appointment for a mammogram right away. I did have a mammogram in 12-07 and they felt I should have a ultrasound to look closer at a spot. They thought it was probably just breast tissue after that and I haven't gone back. How important would it be to have the mammogram soon. Thank you, Jacqueline


Hey there Jacqueline

My sister had breast cancer and the only thing that has helped her to fight that terrible disease was early detection. She was going regularly on her checkups and she was doing mammography once per year and ultrasound checkups every six months. So I believe it is very important to do the mammography if there is even smallest doubt that you may have breast cancer.

Honestly I hope that your doctor has mistaken and that fast growth of cataract is caused by something else but just to be sure that everything is fine do the mammography and the ultrasound if your doctor suggests that you do that. I hope that everything will end up fine. Keep us posted and good luck.