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Hello All,

I am trying to work with Patient Services at the hospital where I was injured. I condensed some of the statements you have made in hopes for the staff actually agree that a mammogram caused my injuries. Although, as you know... It is quite evident when you are the victim of this type of injury.

If anyone has made any progress within the healh community or legal. Please share.

Not sure my whole doc will be able to fit here. If you would like a copy just email me.

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My statement-

I have been advised by a friends breast doctor that doctors will not want to see us if we mentioned this has happened. There will never be a report on it as all involved fear a malpractice suit. Therefore, we cannot get insurance for our damaged breasts. Or, ever win a lawsuit.

Doctors need to educate themselves, other doctors and technicians that this can happen. Seek reasons for why it happened to try to prevent it from happening to another woman. Mostly, treat the woman it happened to with care, concern, and respect”.


Statements from Board Link above Regarding:

Breast pain, sag, bruised, deformed, dense, stretch marks, swelling, loss of fullness, feel different, and emotional distressWishes to address the situation with authorities

My left breast was disfigured and 'literally' deflated from a mammogram in July of 2004. I tried getting help but nobody would listen! The technician compressed too hard and too long. She had my breast positioned for too long of a time. My breasts no longer match. Prior to this mammogram, I had beautiful breasts that matched and were healthy. I still have pain in the left breast and it's much lower and less full than the other. My clothes and bras do not fit properly and I have to always wear a sturdy sports bra or else I have pain.

I searched for a doctor to help me. All I heard was "A Mammogram cannot possibly cause damage' and nobody has ever heard of this problem or any problem being caused by mammograms!

Now I see from the complaints here in this forum, I am not the first or the last to have problems from a mammogram! Why do these health care providers defend the almighty 'Mammogram"? Mammograms need to be stopped! The mental anguish and pain I've been through is horrific. I even had a hard time finding a breast surgeon who would see me who would then only tell me nothing is wrong!

I voiced my complaint to the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Accreditation. They were not able to take any action against the facility doing my mammogram. They advised me to take legal action but since I had no 'before' pictures of my breast I did not have a case. Can someone please help me find a reconstructive surgeon who might be able to help? I hate having to go thru life with 'unmatched' breast caused for no good reason 'The Mammogram'! I will never get another one!

What troubles me now is that, I too feel like my breasts are "different".  They seem to sit lower on my chest (without a bra) and are flatter. The tissue inside feels different. They also seem to go out toward my armpits more than before. I also started to think that maybe I was imagining it, (Did I not know what my breasts looked and felt like before?) but I'm sure I am not. I feel damaged. And there is no going back.

And like you, I hesitate to contact my doctor because what can be done?  I feel like I just have to get used to my new breasts . . . accept the cards I've been dealt and deal with it.  You are not alone.

She was rough and it was tight.  I have now been in pain for weeks and nothing seems to help. I see the doctor on Tuesday to see what I can do to help ease the pain.  I am totally at a loss as to what to do about this problem. Nobody will listen or even seems to care.

There should be easy public access, and regular disclosure reports about facilities and the number of complaints made against them. To get anything changed, it's going to take money and publicity, yes? There is, perhaps, one lawyer in the country who would start a class action lawsuit against all facilities where damaging during procedures occurs. But, that more women need to see this webpage, however. It’s: “numbers" and media that motivate people. I have written to AHRQ recommending that the appropriate personnel read the comments on this website. They never responded. That one was request. If thousands of women wrote to request - demand - that they set up a special board to receive and review complaints such as are within this forum - that might have some impact. Meanwhile, I would sign a petition of any sort to get a significant public dialogue going. (I suppose I would have to sign up for Facebook or some such).

Mammograms are very dangerous. We need to form a support group. I am extremely depressed over my last mammogram which has left me in pain and I have to wear 2 bras for support. None of my clothing fits, I have to get a compression band to wear above my breasts for the pain. I am hoping that will help. The mammogram literally squeezed the life and elasticity out of both breasts this time. I will never heal. My doctor gave me prednisone, then told me if that don't work, there is nothing he can do! Why doesn't the mammogram come with a RISK of these side effects? We need to ban together and stop women from getting the mammogram

In addition to the extreme breast pain, I also have noticed my breast have 'sagged' more since the mammogram. I have large breasts and at 48 they were already sagging somewhat, but now it is perceptively worse. Also to the point that my husband has noticed. And while most of the busted capillaries that occurred as a result of the trauma to the skin have healed on the surface of my breast, there are some that haven't.

The pain was so bad during the crushing I almost past out, even though I have a high tolerance for pain. That was 3 1/2 years ago. I still have pain, felt violated and disfigured also.

I too had this same problem. Why is there not a doctor trained to help us women who have damage from mammograms? Is there one? Does anyone know of somebody who can help? I am in so much anguish and pain. My clothes and bras no longer fit and I have constant pain. My body is damaged. Where can I seek help?

I have experienced intermittent pain in my left breast ever since having my first mammogram at 35. The tissue was bruised for months afterward and now my breast appears to be deformed. The nipple is not centered, but veers to the left. I know it was caused by the mammogram, because it never looked that way before.

I just had a mammogram and it was torture. Horrible experience. My doctor ordered it because of my age 45, I did not have any problems before. I regret it so much. I still have pain even though I am taking Advil. I cannot sleep at night from the pain. My cup size went down, I used to wear 36D, and now this size is too big! My breast have stretch marks everywhere and are sagging, I am very upset because I was not like this before the mammo. I am worried she damaged my breast. I wish someone could have warned me before. I think this technicians are messing up people's lives and nobody is doing something about it. Can someone please tell me what kind of damaged she did to my breasts.

I think it's time to "put it to them." I don't know under what circumstances you received the mammogram, but maybe it's time to make calls - (if I had an attorney, I would get the experience on record) - and -- well, I think they should arrange for treatment of your symptoms - whether it's having someone apply warm compresses or some kind of hydrotherapy or something else - we should not be injured in this process.

After reading all these post now I’m sure that what I assumed was true after my excruciating painful mammo I noticed that my breast seemed sort of deflated and smaller then before the mammo I asked my husband and he said he had  noticed a change in my breast since the mammogram ..... I spent a lifetime sleeping in bras and wearing them daily to keep my perky breast and now after one torturous test all those days and nights where in vain you would think that technology has grown so much over the past decade that medical science would find a less barbaric way of examine a woman’s fragile and tender breast but no unfortunate not.

They caused pain and bruising to one breast, which has still not healed completely eight months later. The breast is also less firm than it was and hangs down lower than the other. This was not the case before and it seems to be permanent damage that they will not admit is a problem.

I would say that these 'experts' will make you think you're going mad, Unfortunately my mother took too long to tell me what happened, not wanting to make a fuss, but I say make a fuss.

Well it hurt, really bad, I started to actually tear up I was in so much pain, she just said, hold your breath and took 3 more pics. By the time it was over I was in so much pain I just wanted to curl up and cry. I couldn’t sleep last night the pain was so bad. If I continue this pain by the end of the week I am going to see my dr. And now one boob is bigger than the other....

I noticed immediately thereafter that it sagged down more than the other, which other posters here said the same thing, plus the nipple part was sort of smoothed over permanently. Well, fast-forward to now, and I noticed the end of my boob is very hard, plus the whole thing hurts, it is quite swollen up. And if you want a better picture, abandon the mammo and switch over to sonograms, they do a better job and cause so much less pain, and THAT WAY you don't wind up with someone like me and all these others who had a deformed boob all these years that has now turned into a painful, hard and possibly cancerous blob that they'll have to cut off.

As the evening progressed they started swelling and continued to burn. Is this normal????

I hate my doctor for sending me there. My breasts will never be the same again and I'm only 40. I can't even sue because I had signed those fine prints before the screening.

It does not matter if you speak to the technicians, physicians, etc. You are placing 100% of the responsibility on the women when, in fact, it is the health professionals who need to significantly up the quality of care. The stories here need to be in national news all the time until something is done - because nothing is done to change these scenarios.

In addition to the extreme breast pain, I also have noticed my breast have 'sagged' more since the mammogram. I have large breasts and at 48 they were already sagging somewhat, but now it is perceptively worse. Also to the point that my husband has noticed. And while most of the busted capillaries that occurred as a result of the trauma to the skin have healed on the surface of my breast, there are some that haven't.

Shame on lady and brainwashed doctors and medical people! My breasts are in pain all the time since Mammo! This is one crazy nightmare!!!! This is America and they force women to do Mammo instead of the other methods! They don't care about us and I am doing no more Mammo only MRI and ultrasound period! It will be hard to find a thinking for themselves doctor who isn't brainwashed to listen to common sense it is our body not theirs!

Please do more than that. File a complaint with the State Board of Licensure. File a complaint with the American College of Radiology, if they are ACR-accredited for mammography. And, certainly, go to the head of that facility, with someone else along as a witness - say, for example, a local news reporter. Enough. So very sorry.

It has now been 5 days since the injury. I saw my doctor on Mon. and he was shocked, and very upset with the injury. Do you know how I can find the "appropriate Boards of Licensure? Since my own doctor, and people at the breast clinic are saying they had never heard of this before, I think you are right about it going above the facility. Could you let me know? Also thanks for caring enough about your mammogram pals to share this with me! Take care :)

The month after that my breasts remained tender. In the first week I started to notice that my breasts where sagging more. I am 47 years old and I have small firm breasts. I start to notice a wrinkle under my breasts and for the first time my breasts touched my arm when I was drying my feet after shower. Maybe it is all perception but since there are a lot of women on this forum that think they are alone in this, I just write what I felt. Now half a year later my breasts are not tender anymore, but I still have the feeling they sag more than they used to.

In the Netherlands a research has been done to the side effects after mammography. 40 % of the women had painful breasts one day after the mammo, a substantial group had tender breasts one week after the mammo. A study is initiated for the development of a mammography that can give every breast a minimal optimal pressure. So it is no longer dependent on the assistant. It will give pressure dependent on your breast size.

I thankfully wasn't in any pain after the mammo but noticed that my breasts felt less full, more floppy, and seemed lower but figured it was my imagination. They seemed to firm up again so I thought hmm, maybe that was just temporary. I got the second mammo and they told me again that they wanted me to come back again just in case. I again thankfully wasn't in pain after the procedure but noticed again that my breasts seemed really deflated only this time, they never bounced back and it did seem that now, I was starting to get random shooting pains in my breasts more frequently but for the most part, something just didn't feel right. My breasts didn't feel "the same". I just went with my gut and with what my body was telling me, that it didn't want a third mammo.

My breasts never regained their fullness. That second mammogram was it. They turned into flapjacks compared to what they were before getting the mammos I'm very lucky to not have the pain problems you guys are having but still sucks to be so young and have my full perky breasts turned into wrinkled bags overnight. It's been nice to have someone else say they noticed the change as well instead of being told it's in my mind because mammos "can't do that".

However two days later my left breast (the one that they were looking in to) is sore under neither it I have some slight bruising and a burning sensation from my bra or when I lay down at night on my stomach (have to sleep on my side do to burning sensation. My question to all of you how long does this burning last? Any idea how I can lessen the effects?

For all you suffering from TMI (Traumatic Mammogram Injury), here's some comfort I found. My last mammogram was in February, 2013, I'm finally healing, but my breasts will never be the same. Collagen repairs tissue, so I bought that as well because my breast tissue was damaged, contrary to the Healthcare provider’s belief. None of them is going to admit the mammogram does damage, but we know better!!! Took anti-anxiety medicine to calm me since I was so pissed at myself for getting another mammogram after having this problem 2 times prior, in 2004 and 2008.

The problem is, they get away with it behind closed doors and they are not monitored with video cameras or anything else. Lawyers won't take action against them. This is not right.

The Clinic lets her continue in her occupation, even though I complained about her to 3 different doctors that were treating me. One of them went so far as to say that the Clinic wouldn't have an employee like that! (Meaning he didn't believe me.)

I'm looking for a lawyer because something needs to be done so that technicians are monitored. In surgery rooms they have video cameras but in the mammogram room, the technician doesn't have to answer to anyone. When I complained to the ombudsman, she tried to make me feel like I was the perpetrator instead of the victim.

It's my mission now to have something done about this. Because, something needs to be done. And, the technician is not going to get away with what she did to me and has probably done too many others. Even though lawyers don't want to take this kind of case, I'm going to keep looking until I find one.

My daughter was also injured by an incompetent, over=zealous or masochistic technician. Have you found support or a lawyer yet? In Victoria B, C a woman won her suit against the technician

I went, recently for a mammogram and it was so painful I begged to be released and then nearly threw up from the pain. My breasts were bruised and swollen and are still swollen and extremely tender three weeks (!) later! The technicians apologized like crazy but honestly it didn't matter since they would not release me even when I told them I was about to throw up.

I will NEVER go through this again. I'd had mammo before, mind you, and they hurt and made me miserable, but this time it was just brutal. The unmitigated swelling has caused me some worry now, which is why I looked up this topic.

She des-figured me. I complained to him. I entered with round healthy breast, now I have extreme pain and flat uneven hanging and uneven shaped breast. The second set of

If you have so-called "dense" breast tissue or not. I do. About half of all women do. This condition means that a mammo is NOT helpful...... the dense tissue causes a very poor picture to turn out when the x-ray is done. Meaning: even if you HAD cancer, the dense tissue will mask that fact on the x-ray pic. The only helpful diagnostic tool that I know of is the ultrasound.

It was cruel and I was actually screaming in pain in the examining room and the woman continued to press the clamp harder and harder on me. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to feel? You have men that get breast cancer and they don't talk about screening them. When they do then they will make it less painful for us.

The US Preventative Task Force published the first crack in the wall of denial in 2009, but Europe will lead the way. Switzerland is now phasing out their mammography programs.

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How can us women come together and take action against the ACR and mammography scam the admin of this website doesn't allow us to post our emails to further discuss? You are only allowing us to make statement and give experiences. None of us can help each other this way. Why are you banning post email addresses?



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