I'm 38 and have suffered from fibrocystic breasts for 20 years.  The pain is worse before my period, but I can usually find a painful spot at any given time.  About a month ago, my left breast became painful and swollen and the right breast did not.  I think my left breast was also a little red on the outter side, but I'm not absolutely sure about this, and if it was, the redness went away pretty quickly. This could have been mid cycle, but not premenstrual.  Coincidentally, I was scheduled for a mammogram/ultrasound within a few days so my gyno's nurse recommended we wait and see was the results were before seeing the doctor.  Both the mammogram and ultrasound showed nothing but cysts.  Therefore, the nurse said I could wait until my annual physical which was about 6 weeks away before seeing the doctor.  However, after an extremely  painful round of PMS and then  more mid cylcle pain (my arm was even hurting), I got nervous went ahead and saw the doctor.  All I really wanted was some compassion and reassurance and a further explanation of what this is about, but the doctor was really quite snippy with me like I was wasting her time.  I was told the arm pain could be a sign of a heart attack, but I don' think this is the case.  She basically told me to stay off the internet so I won't be scaring myself with stories of women who had pain and swelling and actually had breast cancer.  Frankly, the swelling isn't necessarily huge.  I still wear the same cup size, but my left breast is definitely bigger.  It usually looks better in the mornings, but by the time I get home from work, the swelling is more noticeable.  Does anyone know how common this is?  Could it be a perimenopausal type thing?  Since my mammogram and ultrasound were normal, I am willing to let this lie, but I'm still nervous.