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I am 54 years old, had a complete historectomy 20 yrs ago. Suddenly 2 wks ago my left breast became swollen & sore. I went to my doctor & she order a mamogram (I have them yearly) & an Ultrasound for yesterday.
They found nothing. Last night after the mamogram my breast swelled even more, I'd say by 2 bra cup sizes & was painfull. This morning a lot of the swelling has gone down, but still sore & especially if I lean over.

I have Fibrocystic breasts. this has not really caused any problems other than 10 yrs ago my Physician found a lump & I never could feel it myself.
It was removed & found to be benign.

What could cause my breast to swell? Everything I find on the internet refers to breast cancer or problems dealing with breast feeding.


Hi. I am also not sure if the swelling of your breasts have something to do with the hysterectomy you had ages ago. What I know is that the long term complications of hyst are muscle weakness in pelvic area, prolapse of the vagina, bladder and rectum if the muscles walls are weakened, bowel problems are also possible as well as the shortening of the vagina. There is nowhere stated that breast swelling could occur years after the surgery.
I wanted to ask if you have experienced the menopause already? The breast tenderness is one of the menopausal symptoms and that could be the answer for your concerns. If you still haven’t run into the menopause, the breast swelling could be the sign, and if you already are in this stage, there is nothing to worry about as this is just the natural thing that is happening when a woman is in the menopause.
Just don’t be concerned about the breast cancer or anything, if mammogram and ultrasound show the negative results, you immediately exclude this possibility and don’t you worry!