I am very anxious please help!!!
I am a 55 year old woman. I found a pea-size in my breast 3 months after my routine mammogram was done. this was a month ago and I will have my surgery tomorrow.
I have been very fortunate not to have had any kind of disease or medical condition in my life . i don't remember the last time I had the flu - never spent a time in bed. I exercize regularly and eat very healthy along with a lot of antioxidant rich food and vitamins. I have no history of cancer in my family.

My questions:
1- I have read so much against the mammogram procedure that I don't want to take it any longer in the coming years. Instead of mammogram can i just take Ultrasound as part of my annual breast examination?
2- I am working full-time and don't want anyone to notice anything different about me. if the cancer is localized (i.e. not spread to the lymph nodes or the sorrunding tissue), do i still have to have chemo or radiation therapy -- especially if the cancer is not aggresive? what are the other alternatives to the traditional cancer treatments?

Thank you very much.