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Hi well, I have had protected sex on the 16th and 21st of May. My last cycle was on the 3rd of May. My fertile days were the 18th-22nd. The condoms I used did not pop, break, or have a hole in it. My next cycle was supposed to come between June 1st - 3rd. On the 30th of May, my boyfriend and I had unprotected "sex" ( the reason for quotations is because he just inserted it, let it sit for a while, and pulled out) underwater. Also on this day, I had a negative pregnancy test. Here it is June 3rd and still no sign of period just cramps and symptoms. could I be pregnant? 


Hi there

If you are regular with your periods, the chances of pregnancy are slim. Periods do get delayed for various reasons. Your periods should return in few days time, if they do not - wait for another week before you get a clinical pregnancy test done. Good luck