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i need to know who the true father of my unborn child is .The first day of my last period was 16th March 2011. i had sex with first man several times from 25th March 2011 to 7th April 2011.I took a pregancy test on 9th April before sleeping woth second man and it turned out negative.Then on the same day 9th April and 10th April i had sex with second man for only those two days. i later took another pregnancy test on 16th April 2011 and it turned out positive.Now i have been told my due date is 21st December 2011. Please help me figure out who the true father is.Thanks


Depending on your cycle weather it is 28 or 30 days, it would be the first guy... If your cycle is average you would have ovulated around the 30th March... Good luck with your pregnancy