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I might have unknowingly been pregnant before I started the pill and this week I'm supposed to have my period but it's been four days and it hasn't started yet. It has been three months since I started the pill and I haven't taken a break for my period since so is it possible it could just be delayed? Is there any reason I should be worried or am I just being paranoid?
Just FYI, I had sex in October (which if I am preg I would be about six months along but I don't have any symptoms except I have a kind of itchy rash on my boobs) and then I had sex in January before I started the pill (in which case I'd only be about three months along).



you can take a pregnancy test. but i think your body is just reacting to not having a period. you should be able to tell by now if you are pregnant. so, take a pregnancy test, and if it's negative, just wait for your period.