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A week before my period, I thought I might have been pregnant as my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for about a week before I started bleeding. I felt nauseas, everything I ate tasted weird, I was so tired throughout the day and had bad cramping in my lower stomach. Never had these symptoms before/after my period before, so Boyfriend and I thought we were pregnant. I took a preg. text which came back negative, then within a couple of hours my period came, and I wasn't even due to have a period for another couple of weeks.:-( However, it only last 2 days, no normal cramping, bloating or lower back aches. The bleeding stopped last night and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex this morning. What is the chance of me falling pregnant, or am I already pregnant?  pleeeeeeeeeeeease help! We really want to have a baby, it would be a dream come true to start our own little family together.


Also, if anybody has any tips or advice on how they fell pregnant fast, please chuck us some ideas. Would love your opinions and feedback..


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