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Hi I'm new to all this and was wondering if anyone could help as to be honest I am paranoid.
Im 17 and come from a family background and If I am pregnant it could be a disaster and No one can know.
I recently well end of July lost my virginity with my boyfriend who was also a virgin. We had it unprotected but it was 2 days after my period, he also didnt cum. After that we had done it several times with a condom no problems as I wasn't on any birth control. According to tracking my periods we didn't have sex when I was really fertile and if so with a condom. Then my period came a week earlier however wad exactly normal had the really bad stomach ache and heavy bleeding for 6 days. We then only had sex once or twice after my period over the space of 3 days after I came off, we also used a condom. My boyfriend lives a while away and I haven't seen him recently but about 3 weeks ago my boobs felt bigger and I became worried I could be pregnant after talking to my friends mum who is a midwife I got a pregnancy test of two pack. I did one which came out negative and then later on that evening i came on my period however it was the same stomach ache I usually have but it lasted a day then my period was normal and finished after 4/5 days but was brown towered the end. I then went to the doctors where she put me on the pill however I didn't mention that I thought I was pregnant as after my test my fear went away. It was then last week I started worrying again because I thought I was putting on weight I did another test which was the second in the pack which also came out negative. I'm now worried because I keep getting a stomach ache under my ribs but it might be because I'm worrying. I also have a back ache for standing up too long and my breasts have veins appearing. I have 6 days left on the pill until I'm off for a week. But last week 2 days before I did test I kept waking up feeling sick.
I hope someone can help please! Before I have to go to the family doctor as I don't want them calling up my house an my parents finding out.

Please can someone help as I don't know if I'm pregnant or not.


cant really say on that cause if you keep it in your head that you are your body can make you think it and you will have changes in your body like you are, so really you will just have to wait till you go to doctor. im guessn since the tests came back neg. your not but there is always a chance you are.