Hi everyone,, i am really worried and not sure what is going on with me. I had an ectopic pregnancy on October the 5th my right tube was removed along with my 8week old baby, i then had a period a few days after and then November came and it was coming to the end of the month and i had no period just lots of period pains on the 24th November i went doctors and was told i could be pregnant as the 2nd line was faint i was told to come back in a week later which was the 1st December and the same thing happened so the doctor took my blood and told me he'll get back to me in 4days but then the next day in the evening i had a brownish discharge in my panties so i put tissue on to see if it was my period and i got a light red bloody colour when i wiped i thought it was my period as i felt on and off pains so i went to be and woke up to see more blood but this doesnt feel like my normal period ?? Can someone help me please could i be having a miscarriage ?