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    Last month, I got my period on December ninth. Heavy bleeding stopped by December 12th, and on December thirteenth through december fifteenth I only had spotting. On December thirteenth my boyfriend and I had sex. He went inside about two or three times and I made him stop, because I didn't want to get pregnant. My fertile days were December 18th through December 24th.
    We had sex again on January fourth, but once again he only went in me a few times before I made him stop. I had dark brown discharge (it was clumpy and stringy) on January 2nd through January 5th. My period should have started on January 6th, it is January 7th now so it is one day late. I have had a small amount of brown spotting, but no period yet. What are the chances that I am pregnant?

p.s. He never came inside me, but there may have been precum-I'm not sure. How likely is it that I'm pregnant? Please help me!


I don't want to worry you too much BUT ANYTIME you have unprotected sex - no matter for a second or anytime of the month you CAN get pregnant! Most women ovulate 14 days before their expected period! BUT this can change from hormones, stress, illness, or just a wonky month! And sperm can live for several days! So since you had unprotected sex a couple of times it DOES increase your chances of being pregnant! BUT that said I don't think you are - due to the dates! Wait another couple of days and take a pregnancy test just to check OK? And IF you aren't promise yourself NEVER to "to just try" again! Or I will promise you that you WILL end up being pregnant! I hope you aren't now, please let me know when you find out OK? Good luck!