Ok , well .
On June , 29th / 07 was my last period , it lasted five days & was pretty normal .
& July 4th /07 I had sex with protection , everything was good.
On July 7th /07 I has sex without protection , but I didn't realize as I was caught up in the moment but he did NOT ejaculate inside me , he took it out at least 30 seconds to a minute before he cummed .
For the next little while I was fine , just normal life .
On July 17th/07 I had sex again with protection .
& Again on July 26th/07 with protection .
In the past like week or so , I've been really tired , irritable , mood swings happening , headaches , & lots of food cravings.
& since yesturday mild mild cramps , sort of like pre-menstrual cramps .
& I normally get pretty severe cramps when my period starts & happens .
I have my periods , around the same time area , but not the same date .
if I had my period on the same date I would be 3 days late now .
I have been stressed about being pregnant , I'm thinking that , that's why I missed it .
I have no blood what so ever , & I'm not "dry" per-say , I'm like normal , wet-ish (if you understand , normal discharge) around the vaginal opening .
& dry everywhere else .
am I pregnant ?
The symptoms I described , are the pregnacy symptoms or pms ?
pms hits me hard , & my periods are heavy & such .
I just don't know .
The condoms never broke the days I did have sex .
so am I pregnant ?
or should I stop worrying , & wait ?