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hey, so i had sex for the first time and it was unprotected because im elergic to latex and the non latex r expensive. anyway so i had sex on the 23rd may 2012 and then had a period on the 25th may 2012 but it only lasted 3 days and was really light (im normaly heavy and last 7days). i didnt think anything of it then we had sex on the 1st june 2012 twice in that day again unprotected and than again today. he cumed in me everytime. im due to come on 22nd june 2012. i had sore boobs and felt sick at night and sometimes during the day so i took a test yesturday and it was negative. would this be accuret? should i take another one if so when? i really need advice on this and have learnt my lesson. please help. thanks. 


Hi Peaches,

Yes, you could be pregnant, probably not from your first time sex but the later times.  It would be early for any symptoms to show, and the symptom you have are not specific enough to suggest pregnancy.

It is early to test.  You need to wait at least 2, preferably 3, weeks after having sex for it to be accurate.  

Hope it helps.

PS: If you think the non-latex condoms are expensive try raising a child.


Hey peaches,

i know you are only a teen, and i hope you have recieved your results. but, be it the results you want or not, dont think that having a child is bad. yes it is difficult as a teen, but its a blessing and a joy. some days it may seem like your worst, other days i know when you look at the child she/he will make smile thru your day.

i would know. was 19 with my 1st, now im 21. i dnt regret at any moment . i know parents may freak at first, and school or work may be hard and financially may b difficult, but press on thru my dear.

i dont know how you are religiously, but the lord will guide you thru if u seek him.

i hope things turned out well, child or not. stay blessed peaches.