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hi everyone
i need help.. im going to the doctors today and i did the pregnancy home test, . I took two E.T.P's (I think thats what they're called) the digital ones that tell you 5 days before your missed period. I took them, both negitive. and they were expensive like 27 dollars.Then i still wasnt feeling right and i took another one (not digital) and it came up negitive... and then hours later a faint line was in the middle meaning positive. I know im pregnate the discharge, headaches, hot flashes, nausea mood swings.. and i get sharp cramps/pain and pulsing in my lower stomach and sharp hurting pains.. it's been three weeks and ive told my mom i havent gotten my period.i know im not responisble to raise a child and it hurts me everytime i think about this. My boyfriend (turning 18) doesnt really know what to say/do and i feel like im going through this alone. My mom had told me if i didnt get my period and that if i was pregnate she wouldnt help me. I never have that much time to talk to my boyfriend and it's driving me crzy. Im so upset and i get mood swings in a blink of an eye. (meaning sadness, crying) im really fusterated and i can not tell anyone!! ( not my dad, my boyfriends' family no one) i dont want anyone to know that i want the aabortion.. i feel so ashamed.. it was a big mistake.. (my 1st boyfriend for a year and a half) . I feel like he sometimes just gives up on me and walks away.. i dont know what to do... i can't have this baby.. (prior to i had been drinking/smoking and didnt know i was [regante) and i dont have to have a child suffer in this life. anyone, please.. i need advice!!! please!!!!!!! :'( :'( :'(


OK Mika
It has been a couple of days now, and what did the doctors office say about your concern? are you pregante?
if I read your posting correctly, you told your mom and now she wishes to do nothing with you because you are pregnate?
Your boyfriend has no clue what he did? it is half his fault /responsiblities.

So there are some possiblilities (using "it" as the child)
1) have the child and raise it on your own. - may times done
2 ) have the child and adopt it away. -agian may times done
3 ) abort the fetus - many time done, but this is a hardest to choose, but you have that right at this time in your life.

I am not a councilor, but you should see one at the closed family planning clinic if you are pregnate, they can help a lot.

Will you post the anwsers to the following questions, so we can find out more about you to help in any way.

What grade of high school are you in right now? 11 / 12

What are (were) your live plans? College and then on to grad school for a MBA or Phd degree?

Is there any of your friends & their parnets that will take you in to help during this time?

Wishing to leave where you are now because you are pregnate?

Well cheer up and I will be looking this week for your answers.


Your mom's announcing that she wouldn't help you was prolly a "knee-jerk-reaction" meaning that your news took her totally off guard and she was lost for words.
If u don't want this baby, u don't have to have it.
Do not feel ashamed if you choose to have an abortion. That decision will not make you a bad person either.
Check out your local planned parenthood. They do perform the surgery.

I probably don't have to tell you, but once you get thru this, get on some birth control.
Maybe once everything sinks in with your mom she may change her mind.
But if you get no support or words of encouragement and if abortion feels like the answer for you, it's okay.
Once you do this, there are support groups that will help you sort thru your feelings afterwards. You are not alone and there are trained professionals who will help you get thru this.

Please let us know how you're doing. I have 3 daughters of my own and i understand. 2 of my girls did have an abortion and i myself had one too.
We are not murderers. We are good people who just had some problems at the time.


I'm 12 male, and my advice is to get the abortion. I think it's the best. You're right. You're not really responsible enough till you're at least 25 in my mind. sex before that is ok tho. If you have 2 go through this alone, then just do. There are some people you can talk to if nobody wants 2 talk 2 u. Although, I know anybody would choose family if they could over therapists etc. Which is why I feel you're pain.

I hope you make the right decision.