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From October 2011 to February 2012 i did not have a menstrual cycle. After one negative test (didnt follow instructions) two positive HPT and one positive test at my doctors office, I obviously knew that i was pregnant. My husband went out right away and bought me prenatals that i started taking immediately.  I had all the symptoms. Then in february i started to  bleed heavy. My husband took me to the hospital and we were told that there was no sign of me ever being pregnant. We went to another hospital were told the same thing. I was scheduled for my first ultrasound two days later. Both my husband and i feel i was pregnant.

March and April i had my normal period. Due to the fact that we both want to have a child we have continued to have unprotected sex. My period is normally on the first of every month. Today is May 15 and i have no signs of a period. Last week i took two HPT that both came out negative. I am having apetite changes, extremely emotionalness, super clingy to my husband and a few days last week i was sick to my stomach and even threw up. Could i possibly pregnant despite the negative tests. I need answers and any advice will help. Doctors have been no help. Please shed some light on this situation for us.




It sounds like you definitely could be and maybe your hormone levels are still to low to detect on a HPT.  I also had negative tests and was barely positive at 2 months when I was pregnant a few years ago.  The doctors should be able to do a blood test or ultrasound to know for sure or wait to see if you get your period on the 1st of June.  Mine too is very regular and I was 2 days late this month and only started with brown discharge and then very light bleeding for a day now nothing but still had a neg HPT so I will be going to see the doctor for a blood test for more accurate answer