So 11 days ago, I spent the night at my girlfriends house. We had sex a couple times that night, both times wearing a condom. The next morning, since we ran out of condoms, she was rubbing her vagina on my penis, then for about five seconds, I put it in her, unprotected. I pulled out that fast because I got scared, and realized it was a bad idea. I didn't feel any cum. But I know you can't feel pre-cum. We haven't done this since we first had sex, and thank God she didn't get pregnant then.

She doesn't keep track of her period, unfortunately, but I remember that I think its in the 20 somethings. Today's the 20th, by the way.

I read all about the symptoms, and this is what I've noticed. She gets cravings sometimes, normally, and a couple days ago she had some and couple days before that too. I'm not overly worried about that. But its summer, and we're not in school, so we've gotten used to the sleep late wake up late schedule. She has trouble falling asleep early, but yesterday she had to wake up at 7:00. Which was a problem, especially since she was really tired from going to Disneyland the day before. She stayed on her feet and in the sun yesterday, pretty much until she ate, so she was very tired. She didn't eat anything until about 1:00 and, she threw up at about 2:00. This happens sometimes, too though. Especially when she was this tired. She took a nap afterword, and felt way better. Last night, she fell asleep late too, and woke up early this morning as well. At about 6:00. She's been feeling fine today, other than being a tiny bit sick from watching a gorey movie at home. So far so good today, but she's going to work cleaning, and waking up sort of early tomorrow. So far there are absolutely no other symptoms. No sore breasts, no spotting or cramps.

I tried to give as much information as possible. I'm telling her not to worry, but I'm still worrying a little.

Thanks in advance for the help.