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Me and my partner had sexual intercourse with no condom but before that, we had oral sex. I know there was pre-cum involved but she mightve sucked it out. I have no clue. I didn't feel anything come out while we were having sex but i'm freaking out. Btw, I've been researching that sperm cells only live for 5 hours, and her period isn't until next month, so is it possible that she could be pregnant? Please help!


Ok so first of all can i clear some things up for you. Even if she "sucked" the pre cum off you would still produce it during sex, Also you are not going to feel pre cum coming out of your penis And sperm can actually live up to 7 days inside the vagina but only about 1 hour on surfaces ect. So basically yes she could be pregnant but there isn't  a high chance unless she was ovulating.  i wouldn't bother worrying about it unless her period is late. Just be more careful and use a condom! :P