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My last period was the first week of June, I had unprotected sex on the 16 (my time of ovulation) and it is now July 2nd and still no period. Ive taken a few home tests and they're all negative. I'm a week and a half late and having "spotting" that's PINK off and on the past two days and I've been cramping 24/7 but not as bad as period cramps? This is tmi but Ive also had constant diarea the past two Weeks and my nipples are sore. Could I be preggo or could it be stress? Please help me! ):


Yeah, my love, It's very possible that you can be pregnant, due to all your symptoms. But since you took a pregnancy test and it came out negative you are a little confused.

I say you go to the doctor and take another test there, they'll take a blood test and that will tell you for sure.

Don't worry hun, everything will be alright..if you are pregnant or not:)

Goodluck & Godbless<3