hi all, i finished a pack of pill and decided to come off it to try for my 2nd baby.last day off pill was 7th feb and i had been having a bit of breakthrough bleeding for a few days prior to stopping. I had unprotected sex on 14th feb(valentines day!) and exactly a week after that on the 21st i started spotting and getting cramps as if i was going to get my period but it defo wasnt like a normal period,way too light and more pinkish than heavy flow like normal and only after wiping after going to the loo.This lasted 4 days and was accompanied by mild nausia till after lunch.Now the spotting has stopped but im still getting mild occasional cramps and feeling sickly after i eat my breakfast in the morning. Im confused, could i have fallen pregnant so soon after the pill? or do you think its bleeding ascociated with stopping the pill? also, with my 1st baby i had absolutly no symptoms of pregnancy apart from the implantation bleeding and cramps at the beginning. What do you think? x Oh and we had unprotected again on the 21st feb.