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My partner has been diagnosed with crohn's disease, and I fully accept him the way he is, which is pretty perfect besides the crohn's disease. However, I did read somewhere on the web that crohn's disease can cause male infertility. I would like to have kids in the future and I am worried about this. Can anyone tell me more?


Hello there katine847,

Well, it is absolutely great that you love your partner and that you are accepting him as he is. Most of the people run away as soon as they find out that you have some condition that isn’t curable and that is maybe even hereditary. Anyway I would say that the only way you will know for sure if your partner can have children is either to ask him or to try check it by yourself. You are a woman so I am sure you will find a way. But in my opinion it is best to ask him directly. After all if you are planning to have children with him you must be able to ask him something like this.