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Hi you all! I did hear somewhere that it has now been proven that crohn's disease is a disease that is genetically passed on. That is something I didn't know about before, so it was interesting to hear this. Can anyone tell me if it is dominant or recessive? I would be grateful for any replies.



Well I have heard stories that the Crohn's is hereditary and then again that it is not. From this point I know that there are some chances that you develop this disorder if the presence of certain genes has been determined. Research on this subject was conducted in 2007 and in few cases this theory was confirmed.

And about second part of your question, well, it is hard to put genetic disorders into the categories of autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive. And this classification it isn’t always possible. For example it can happen that you have incomplete dominance where one copy of the gene can cause mild symptoms while two copies cause more severe symptoms.

I hope this was helpful.