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Hello. My friend has been suffering from crohn’s disease for years. He manages to control her symptoms and I am glad that he was able to do it. However, he has one problem and I don’t know how to point him out that. He has bad breath. Do you have any idea what kind of advice to give him?


Hello there,

Well you can tell to your friend that he has bad breath but that doesn’t have to do anything with crohn's disease. Somehow people always tend to link these two things but they really don’t have anything in common and furthermore if you have discovered just recently that your friend suffers from bad breath you need to point that out to him. This is important because bad breath is usually consequence of the bad diet and bad food that we are eating and with crohn's disease he should be on a strict diet to avoid certain complications.

I hope that your friend will find a way to get rid of his problem. Keep us posted.