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My new boyfriend, who suffers from crohn's disease, is a great guy and I really like him. Did I mention that he is very good looking too? :-) The only problem is that he has been unable to perform, between the sheets, you know? And I was wondering if the impotence could possibly be related to his crohn's disease?


Hello there,

First of all Crohn’s is a chronic disorder that tends to affect younger people and is characterized by periods of active disease and periods of remission. Crohn's disease can affect any part of the gastrointestinal system and this can be really nasty.

Unfortunately there has been shown that suffering from this condition is related to the problems which occur in sexual life. First of all, although you say that your boyfriend looks great, most of the people who are suffering from this condition aren’t satisfied with they figure and this tends to result with impotence and dyspareunia.

I hope that you and your boyfriend are going to resolve the problem “between the sheets” soon. Good luck.