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I am a 30 year old man with terrible dry foreskin. I have tried lubricants, lotions, and now neosporin. The cuts do not want to heal. Can you please direct me to some treatable medication?
Thank You


Hi All


Fucibet cream trust me this will solve your issue.Tried this by chance and i haven looked back. A tube should last you 1 year.

Tried Fucidin cream and this was'nt great.


I used to have a turretted affect on my fore skin and used to struggle to pull this back. So glad i didnt go down the foreskin removal process.


Just remember to use thsi regularly (daily x2)


Wait until the cuts heal before applying


I saw results in around a month.


Hope this helps



The cuts on your foreskin are most likely caused by a fungal infection called thrush, although you should see a doctor to be sure. Most men have this problem from time to time, and it is easily treated with antifungal medications. Your partner should be treated, too, because the infection can be passed back and forth. To heal the damaged skin and prevent further drying, you might try a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) with natural moisturizers and emollients for softer skin.

Hope this helps!
Alex, PhD


HI All i know this post is old but i have to mirror this the above.

I tried this by chance after being precribed after being bitten by a tick on my ankle of all things. The doctor at the time said this would 'thin' the skin.

When i had the above info and as i saw it was similar to Fucidn cream i though it makes sense to give it a go. Id place a tiny amount around the affected area on the foreskin only 1 - 2 times a day.

I had the exact same symtoms as stated in the posts and this basically eradicated the issue meaning i can retract the foreskin with no issues.

I only use a tiny amount.

The scarring and turreted effect is still visual but less dominant, but retract with no pain what so ever. I also use a cream called QV cream which is a moisturizer. I cut down the use of Fuibet after a few years to once a week. Its that good.

Im so glad i found this as i had a consultation regarding a removal of the foreskin which i really didnt want.

If this helps anyone leave a note