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Hey all, sorry this topic has been covered a million times before but i will describe what the problem is

Over the past year my fiance has been getting thrush quite badly and i have been contracting it during sex, you dont know you have it until it is too late, so yeah i have had it a fair few times before and i was applying anti fungal cream to it and after a couple days all was back to normal.

Now the past say 3 months i have been getting some sharp pains around my foreskin/frenulum area especially when i pull it back, first i thought it was my frenulum that was not letting me pull the skin back and was ripping (looks red and harder than usual), but in the last couple weeks i have noticed that i sometimes bleed (not much at all) during sex and have noticed a cut/stretch on my foreskin under 1cm long that opens up and am pretty sure that is the pain i am feeling

also it seems now that the foreskin is getting a tight ring around it, not too tight because i have no trouble pulling it back over the head but tighter than before..

im pretty worried that it could be serious (need a circumcision which i dont want to get)
i have been reading around and read that sometimes after getting thrush or cuts sometimes the skin scars up and than doesnt become stretchy which causes a tight foreskin and continuous ripping

so does anyone have ideas on this? i havent been to the doctor yet for the cuts and sharp pain but have been for the thrush a couple times



Have you gotten any answers about this? I am having a similar problem. It's not a frequent thing and I haven't had thrush that I am aware of. it started as a irritating sensation on my foreskin. I first I thought I had just irritated it. However, a couple of fissures appeared and some red spots showed up on the head of my penis as well. Even though I clean very well each day, I started noticing that by mid day, I have quite a lot of smegma around the head of my penis and under my foreskin. My foreskin also looked dried out and somewhat flaky. I also had some irritation in my groin area, so I assumed it was jock itch. I applied some lamasil, and this seem to clear up some of the irrtation on my penis and forsking (and the excesive smegma). however I noticed that my foreskin has become tighter around a band around the head of my penis and it has these short, dark, veiny, worm looking things that seem to be right under the skin. I have been avoinding masturbating for a few day because of this, but a few night ago, I went ahead and masturbated and after after I was done I noticed that these veiny things ripped along their length and became fissures and sting really bad. I am continuing to apply lamasil and it seems to be healing but I can see some more of these veiny things and I am afraid I am just delaying something that might need more attention than antifungal cream. Any information is greatly appreciated (anything to avoid the embarrasement at the doctor.. lol).


I think Thrush is the cause as exactly the same thing has happened to me. I was so worried that I went to my GP who diagnosed it. He also gave me some antibiotics to clear up the thrush as I feel it infected just inside the tip of my penis because I had a burning sensation. I think the best way to clear up the cut is pull the foresking back and let it dry out. I know that it may feel sensitive to do this but i think the cut needs to dry out and not be moist.


Hey guys.

I have had this same problem a few times. Not sure what thrush is ?

Guessing its when you have a ... strange burning pain around they eye of the penis when urinating ? if so then yes id aggree that this is the cause of the uncomfrotable "TIGHTENSRING" that we are all experencing here.

I have had the same thing a few times. all i do is ignor it. dont have sex as it makes it worse. that includes hand jobs. just relax and before you know it it will be gone

DO THOUGH make sure to pull back the foreskin/frenulum and clean it at least once a day. water and no soap is the better way to clean this area.

Hope this helps :)

Although some diabetics with strict control of their conditions may not need to do anything but wait it out, I would not urge anyone to attempt this. That is, I would not just ignor it. Patience while healing is wise though.


i have just contracted the same problem.. although i dont have the burning sensation when i urinate!!


dear people

i had thrush and took a while to cure it. takes time to heal this things. so be patient :-)

i had it long simply because i did not keep the area well dry and used continued anti bacterial cheemical soaps thinking it will solve the problem.

use mild soaps like and baby soaps and like soberene with cream in it and glyerine.

next ..this is really useful.

use baby rash cream. really helps keep the the place dry. keeps the wetness out. use mildly and your discretion. too much might distreess you and your gland also.

to avoid candida or thrush coming watch the diets. no sugars first STRICTLY.
and no white flour candies or rice etc.
no coffee and no tea. no honey.

1-2 servings of fruit a day is good. no more. it has sugars in it also like banana and water melon and mango. this are very sweet. avoid it. try papaya etc.

and dont wear undies at night. let ventilation.
wear loose clothes during day.

i still have the cut pains but subsided alot.
no sex and masturbation should help. cut it down to zero first month.

when having sex. apply gel.

a point to note sometimes this pains are psychological.

think abt it. when you are asleep why you dont feel this pains ??

simple..because you are NOT concertratiing on it.

the pains are lesser than we what we make it to be. think abt why u dont feel pain when u sleep. then makes sense with yourself and body and mind that the problem is really in the mind also.

the pains are there when we are moving. makes sense also.

but like one forum writer wrote..ignore it. and it will simmer down.

use the soberene cream and put a smooth layer on it from time to time if it helps. its also used for sunburns.

will make some mind control :-)

hope this helps :-)

newcure :-)


I also had this. Apply a cream such as Canesten to the head of the penis and every part of the foreskin . You problem will be gone within a few days if indeed it is fungal...


For those not familiar with (oral) Thrush:
I found this on the internet:

Oral thrush is an infection of yeast fungus, Candida albicans, in the mucous membranes of the mouth.
Thrush is an infection caused by a yeast called Candida.
Thrush is the term we use to describe an overgrowth of yeast in a baby's mouth.
Thrush means oral fungal infection.
Thrush is a fungal infection characterized by whitish patches on a baby's tongue or cheeks.

Although some diabetics with strict control of their conditions may not need to do anything but wait it out, I would not urge anyone to attempt this.
Diagnois is normally done by a physician, based upon the distictive pattern or appearance of this infection and lessions in the mouth.
Applicaiton of an anti-fungal ointment may be necessary.
For thrush infections of the rest of body, warm moist locations are most at risk. Thorough drying of all body parts will help to avoid this infection.

Try drying toes, feet, creases and folds thoroughly before dressing.
Consider using an anti-fungal powder in those areas most at risk.


hello im 15 years old im a virgin and i have the same problem. i dont now what to do ive had it for more than 3 months allready. the skin around the head got tighter and when i tried to pull it back i feel pain and when i do it starts making little cuts around the skin. still a virgin if it helps.


hey everyone, so i've been researching and can't find anything that pinpoints what i have. So i have these minor cuts under the head of my penis on the foreskin. I'm circumsized btw. They are not puss filled so i know that its not herpes. The skin is raised and red after masturbation and intercourse. After a day they heal over with a like dead skin scab thing over the cuts. after peeling this deadskin off...i can notice the cuts are sealed up but the skin looks paperthin in those areas. the cuts are within an inch down the shaft, and about 1/2 inch to an inch in length. prolly about 6 total. Its taking forever to heal b/c i keep masturbating. I went a week without masturbation and tried again only to reopen the cuts. I have not been to the doctor in 6 years, and i'm 28 years old. have had over 20 partners in the past decade of my sexcapades. Just started noticing these cuts w/in the past year. Any help as to what it is and how to help heal it? will it ever heal 100% to have enjoyable intercourse again?


Hi for this problem erythromycin ointment is the best solution .It has a burning sensation when you apply it but heals real fast.
Your cuts and red spots would go in approximately 2-3 days. If this problem still persist contact your physician.


The cuts just below the head of the penis are cause by friction / tearing while having some sort of sexual contact. Usually it happens to those that are un- circ like myself... though this is not always the case. I would suggest using lube or a condom while having sex. Same goes for masturbation. Like others have said letting the area heal (which means avoid contact such as masturbation and sex) will more than likely allow it to heal with in a couple days. However with that said when skin heals it more than likely has several layers of scar tissue that forms first. Scar tissue is not as "stretchy" as skin and thus is much more likely to tear. So i would wait more than just a couple days. Disclaimer... Contact a physician if you feel something else is wrong! As for the 15 year old kid. At your age I think it would be best if u did not disclose this info on a forum and instead talk to your parents or a doctor.


this has also happened to me!! alot of times too... but it usually happens when i have sexual intercourse when im not wet enough. what happens is it scrapes the skin and slightly cuts it. its not much of a big deal but what i do is not have any sex or anykind of oral sex and not pull it back at all only when washing. by the time u know it, it would not be there anymore. hope this helped! :)


I've got the same problem it would seem, I'm an insulin dependent diabetic. A dark pinky red coloured head, "fissures" or cuts on the ring of the foreskin near the "pee hole" (meatus i think it's called). The cuts are surrounded by white skin, almost like there's no or little blood getting to those parts and it's sore. If i clean it and leave it for a while it seems to dry up and become really tight around the ring of the foreskin and flaky (like's been mentioned a few threads up).

I've had the problem before once for a couple of weeks, and then again at the start of the year. I have reason to believe it's not thrush. I saw my GP about it and she thought it might be thrush as i started to get a furry tongue at around the same time, but she prescribed me some anti-fungal lozenges that didn't cure it. I had a swab taken and results said it wouldn't thrush.

Back to the problem at hand. The second time i had it i had it fore best part of 6 months and it seemed to get better with the thrush cream i bought at the same time as i was prescribed lozenges, but then - while still regularly using - it seemed to get worse and worse. It was a very trying period for me and my girlfriend as we couldn't have sex and it did send me into depression somewhat. Eventually it cleared up after these trying 6 months. But the cream - that i used throughout the entire second bout of it - didn't seem to change it or get rid of it. This would lead me to suggest it isn't thrush.


i think u sum it up correctly there.....i remember having rough sex with my girlfriend one night..and the next time i went to have sex with her in about 1 week time i noticed that i had trouble folding back the foreskin just before i had sex with her..when i started intercourse i was having a lot of pain during was only when i had ejaculated and stop then i got this excruciating pain and when i inspected my penis the foreskin was all swollen up like a pigs snout and red.......when the swelling had gone down the next 2 days upon inspection i noticed some long tiny cuts around the foreskin of my penis...about 6 of them....its been almost 1 week now and i am having trouble folding back the skin i get slight pain in doing seems like the cut is trying to heal and when i try to fold it back it kinda opens the tiny wound cause as u said the scab isn't ''stretchy'' as i think i have my problem diagnosed right there..wat i would do is stay away from masturbating and sex for a month or two and see if it heals....and i am able to fold back the foreskin without any pain..if the problem persists then would consult a physician...