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My 4 year old son has had persistent chest infections from very early on. He has a history of viral and bacterial chest infections including pneumonia. He suffers from severe coughing fits. He had early innmune problems which we are now told are have sorted themselves out. He has recurrent bouts of diahhorea and has a very distened stomach. He is thriving, is tall for his age,strong and eats a low fat nutriotious diet.

His Paedatrician had him tested for CF using the sweat test which came back negative in Jan of 06. I do not know if he also did a sputum test. I am now very concerned that something has been missed. Also I have read the sweat test is not reliable in some patients.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


I did quite a bit of searching on the web about this, i found "Common Variable Immunodeficiency" had

" Recurring ear infections
* Recurring sinus infections
* Recurring lung infections
* Pneumonia
* Recurring bronchial infections
Gastrointestinal infections
Painful swollen joints
Swollen knee
Swollen ankle
Swollen elbow
Swollen wrist
* Digestive symptoms
Enlarged spleen
Swollen glands
Swollen lymph nodes
Autoimmune diseases "
just an idea :-)


I think you should repeat the sweat test in a well-established facility- like a pediatric hospital. Also have them send a genetic screening along with it (it's blood work) to Ambry genetics. A sputum culture and Sensitivity will determine what bugs and meds would work best for him- so that's a plus. NEVER be too sure on what names of tests and medication he has been on or done. It is important to know EVERYTHING- if not write it down and keep accurate dates. Finding an aggressive pediatrician who is going to research until finding an answer to his symtoms is sometimes hard work, but it is worth it. Don't hesitate to find another doctor for a second opinion. [/list]