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My brother undergo X-Ray chest test due to he suffers chest pain for more than a week.Then the finding was PTB.We suggest that he will get another test from another facility as the result for us was unreliable.So he took another X-ray test and the remarks was PTB versus pneumonia.He also took 2 sputum test but the result was PTB negative.My question are

  1. Could  he still susceptible to  PTB even though his sputum test result say his PTB negative?
  2. Why his X-ray says PTB versus Pneumonia?
  3. If he will took apicolordotic x-ray and the remarks is PTB then his positve even though his sputum test result say his PTB negative?
  4. Does it means that sputum tests are unreliable/inaccurate as its purpose is to find out if the person is PTB positive?

Hope to received your feedback the soonest

Thank you very much


Hi Gilza,

Your brother MOST LIKELY does not have PTB.  The sputum test would have detected the bacteria in the sample.

The x-ray can not tell exactly what is causing the chest pain.  It only provides a picture.  It can indicate infection, scarring, or fluids in the lung.  Scarring can be as a result of an infection, such as a prior case of PTB that was resolved.  Scarring is permanent.

The apicolorditic view is just another x-ray from an angle that better focuses on the tops (apex) of the lungs.

Follow up with his doctor.



Thank you very much for the prompt response.
We now feel relief.
Will then follow up his doctor.

Thank you!