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i have cystic fibrosis and i am only 12 years old. im scared that im going to die of early age and i was wondering how long do you think that i could live to be if i do a treatmant called the vest created by Hill-Rom? please answer back soon





Desirea Jacenko


My Son has a mutation of CF and has significant symptoms with the lungs at the age of 3. If you were my SOn I would tell you to research and call the best Doc on this topic CF. I live in NY I have a great Pediatric Doc that deals with kids with CF. 

I would tell you stay strong. Watch the Secret. Create a vision board. Change your diet and eat like a KING. Feed you body with all the nutrients you can read Supper immunity by Joel Feurman. Work out and treat your body like its really GOLD beacuse it is!!!! Try and help others. Think of other people that are in in need. Live for the Lord! Through Christ all things are possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!