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what would happen to a person with cf if he/she didnt take they nebulizer would it shorten they life?


Hi Regan,

Nebulizer is simply a machine that turns medications into aerosol or breathable form, so that, for example, antibiotics, saline, or even asthma medications can be administered in most efficient way to the lungs. So, if a person suffering from cystic fibrosis doesn't have an access to a nebulizer, which means no access to medications - most importantly bronchodilator medication that widen the airways so that person is able to breathe. That could not only shorten their life, but also cause really harsh suffering and possibly fatal struggle for each breath. Or, if there is no access to aerosol antibiotics, chances for developing lethal infections grow exponentially higher, since nebulizers are usually used to inhale both antibiotics and steroids, after the airway cleaning medications.