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About 2 weeks ago, I had an upset stomach but it was only bad at night and I was going to toilet around 2 times a night and the stools were a bit loose and watery. I took 2 imodium tablets and it cleared up but I was a bit constipated and my anus felt quite tight. I put this down to the imodium and started to eat more fibre. Things got better so I gradually started to eat less fibre agian. 

However, since Thursday last week, all I have been doing when I go to the toilet is farting and producing this thick dark yellow/light brown mucus and only some small stools, sometimes I won't even produce any stools. It looks like diaherra but it isn't. I thought it was my diet so I have been eating more fibre and drinking more water but the more fibre I eat, the more mucus I produce. I have some stomach pains now and again but they aren't really painful and go away in about 5 minutes. I have also been passing more gas throughout the day but I only produce the mucus when I am sitting on the toilet.

Apart from the things mentioned above, I feel fine and it isn't affecting my life. I go to toilet once everyday or every other day. I am still a virgin so it isn't an STI. I'm a healthy weight and I do not smoke, drink or on any medication. Nothing like that has happened to me before so I am wondering what it could be. Oh, I am 18 and a male if that is any help.

Thank you :)


I think you might have Proctitis (rectum inflamation) due to non-STI cause. One of the symptoms are rectal discharge of mucus or pus. See:

This might be caused by Salmonella and Shigella bacteria. Other thing could be IBS (inflammatory bowel disease). Better go see doctor right away (colorectum specialist or gastroentologist) and get colonoscopy & rectal culture.